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Wind it up is the worst song I have ever heard.

Posted on 2007.01.13 at 12:55

"Within one of the countless isles laid on the Coral Sea, there lies a hidden base for the pirates, the Pirate Coast.

Being outlaws, they were naturally kept out of many ports, and this hidden harbour which lies beyond a labyrinth of caverns is where they could repair repair their ships, trade their plunder and to stock up on food and weapons necessary for their voyages. The rampant piracy within the Coral Sea, where the sea trading are a pillar of economy for the Bafal Empire, gave them a major headache. Throughout the millenium of history, countless navies of punitive forces had been despatched to attempt to vanquish this annoying stronghold of the plunderers, yet they could never find it.

Of the numerous stories of failed pirate suppressions, especially famous was a tale about the Bafal Emperor and the Destiny Stone "Opal of Wind". The Emperor, who was exasperated at the heavy blows on the income of the trade dealt by a pirate, brought along with him the secret stone Opal that was passed down within the imperial family, and went on the vanquish subjugation personally. But the pirate, who was familiar with the entire Coral Sea, led the huge fleet of imperial navy on an endless wild goose chase, caused them to get lost among the shadows of the islands, and left them stranded in the shallows on an ebb tide. By the time they realised it, the huge fleet had been scattered, and the flagship that the Emperor was on could not continue sailing as they had ran out of food and water. Eventually, the imperial navy suffered a major defeat as the hungry and tired ships were taken out individually. And all these are the works of just but one single pirate ship. The Emperor was captured, and ended up in a plight to give up the Opal in exchange to spare his life.

The name of this daring and resourceful pirate was said to be "Silver". There were many different sayings about what kind of person this pirate was, and it remained unclear. The Bafal Empire, in an attempt to erase the dishonorable fact that the Emperor was abducted, were active in claiming that the story was made up. There were also exaggerated stories, such as Silver whom the skillfully-trained Emperor lost to was a man so huge that he could be mistakened as an ogre, or that Silver was not a pirate but a sorceror using treacherous spells, proliferated in an attempt to preserve the dignity of the side of the loser.

At any rate, among the pirates of the Pirate Coast, when the "Legendary Pirate" was mentioned, it meant "Silver". Before this name, any bad names or martial stories were dull.

There was also another reason why the pirates would not forget the legends of Silver. It was due to a saying that Silver had hidden numerous treasures, including with the Opal, somewhere on the tropical isle of Walon. The treasures of the Great Pirate who led even the Emperor of Bafal by the nose --- That was a tinkle that will attract anyone who is a pirate. On top of that, there was not a single person who manage to find any clues alone. Because of that, there was a time when there were numerous pirates, who are still driven by greed now, to attempt to visit the Walon Isle. As a result, a vigilante force had to look after the port of Wape, the doorway of the isle from the side of the Coral Sea, around the clock without any break to keep the outlaws out."


"Along with a final cry, the gigantic silver body fell. The powerfulSilver Dragon who had watched after the most valuable of the treasures--- the Opal of Wind --- had ascertained the ones who have the rightsto hold it, and faded in a gust of silver smoke.

No, it did not perish. In place of that, a cherubic, teenage-looking girl who look even younger than Diana appeared. However, with her bold and defiant look, an atmosphere telling that she is more than just a little girl drifted.

"Hey ya, thanks!"

Approaching a dumbfounded Hawk, the girl winked and laughed.

"I'm finally free of the Destiny Stone. As with the promises exchanged with Elore, without restraining my powers. I've lost fair and square, and now I shall do as I please. Thanks to ya, I can go back to being a pirate again!"

"Hey, don't tell me..."

"Is this lady the Silver Dragon earlier on? No, or rather..."

Taking over Hawk, who was at a loss for words, Guella=Ha asked in a fluent common tongue rare among the Geckos.

"By any chance might this lady be, Captain Silver?"

"Yep. I was originally a Dragon, but I asked Elore to turn me into a Human."

"I see. So that was what it meant when the saying goes that you had Elore 'turned you into a pirate'. I understand now."

"You're pretty polite for a Gecko. I guess times have changed, huh?"

Laughing in a clatter, Silver the Pirate shifted her sight back to Hawk, leader of the group.

"Judging from your appearance, you look like a pirate. And one with a spirit at that, too. I'm leaving the Destiny Stone to ya, ok?"

"Ah, oh. Yeah."

"I'm missing the Pirate Coast, so I'll be returning there for now. If you need my help, feel free to come find me at that port. But I'm the boss and you are the bossee, see? If you get that straight, I don't mind joining ya!"

Before she left, Silver looked on for a few seconds with a deep, meaningful gaze at the Mistrel, who kept his face down. Then, she waved a hand and cheerfully bade the party farewell. And all that was remaining was only the white stone emitting an immense shine sitting on the altar."

---Stolen from the Bard's Tale from Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song Ultimania. Silver would totally be my favorite character if she actually had LP that were worth a damn.


xescalation at 2007-01-13 19:36 (UTC) (Link)

But yeah it really is a horrible song.I dont know what the hell she was thinking.

PS <3 drawing.
shinkun at 2007-01-13 19:47 (UTC) (Link)

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