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I have issues., Clearly

Waiting on a Sunday afternoon...

Posted on 2007.01.21 at 20:26
Hey bitches, I got a last.fm account. Bandwagon jumping was never quite this sexy.

In other news, my cellphone died (as in ceased to work) yesterday, causing me to frantically search around Tuscaloosa for an Alltel store. Not finding one, I resorted to the Intraweb, which told me that there are in fact no Alltel stores in Tuscaloosa despite there being 6 or 7 in Dothan. The nearest one was in Prattville, which is like, an hour and a half away. So today, I got up and drove through the craptastic rain to Prattville, looked for their stupid store, and finally found it, where I was issued a crappy replacement phone. I've lost all my numbers, which makes me really, really sad and quite angry. CHO ANGRY CHO SMASH.

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