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Posted on 2007.01.19 at 20:38
Current Music: "All Good Things" - Nelly Furtado

It has good animation, and the character designs dont look quite as horrible as I had expected. Its also quite bloody and violent. And grey. Really, its almost too dark. Which is weird because I had expected it to be too light and fluffy.

...on the other hand, Marie Crea now has a screw in her forhead and is the loyal companion of Kodzuno Tendou. She also gets this really psycho look when she uses her power.

The basic premise of this episode is that there's this spider monster controlling zombies like puppets. Hiichan beats the hell out of it. Our main characters get to show off their skills, even Aoi. Who apparently obtained the ability to erase people's memory in addition to generic "I CAN STOP HUGE HUNKS OF ROCK IN MIDAIR!" psychic stuff. Hisui doesn't fight though. Still, we have 3/4ths of the Four Gods. Sure, one's currently being mind controlled (I guess. Why else would she have the screw in her head?), but still.

Considering how dark this version is, I'm worried about Komaki, considering what happens when she gets kidnapped in the game.

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