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Posted on 2006.12.28 at 20:19

Romancing SaGa 2 really is the best game in the series.

So, anyway, I've been playing RS2 for the SNES. The girl up there is the Final Empress of Avalon. Because she's got a vagina, she has better magical powers than, say, the Final Emperor, who's penis grants him stronger physical power.

Really, Romancing SaGa 2 is one of the few games that portrays world domination in a positive light. After solving the problems of a region, they become part of your empire. The main goal of the game is basically to expand the empire. Sorta like Suikoden, except with less gay (and character development... well, any character development at all. On the plus side, no wussies screaming "I WAS JUST DOING WHAT I THOUGHT WAS RIGHT"). After all, this is a SaGa game so its all non-linear mini-quests and whatnot. It'd be great if this was the truth, but it isn't. Although I would prefer something unorthodox like this, they just had to throw in a "SAVE THE WORLD!" story. Once upon a time, 7 Heroes saved the world from the apocalypse or something. Then they disappeared. Now, if you've played Final Fantasy Tactics, you'd know that any stories about ancient heroes saving the world and suddenly disappearing are total bunk and those heroes are actually evil incarnate. Same deal here.

It works a bit better here than it does in, say, Romancing SaGa 3, though. In RS3, you pretty much end up sealing Abyss Gates for no reason. Unless you're Sara, I guess. No one else really has a reason, and many of their stories should have been wrapped up earlier (Like, Katrina)... In RS2 The Ruler wants to expand their territory, right, so they go across the world and end up in locations that just so happen to be under the attack of one of the 7 Heroes. Or, alternately, people from these regions send out to Avalon for help.

Anyway, aside from Gerard, Leon (the first two rulers) and the Final Ruler, everyone you recruit is a generic type. From the beginning, you have access to a lot of soldier-y types (Light Infantry who are good with all forms of melee weaponry, Rangers who use bows, Court Magicians who use, get this, MAGIC, and so forth), and as you complete quests you can access more. Unfortunately, how you handle certain quests will determine what classes you can get to join you. For example, early on, some Monks (the fighting kind) on the mountain want to clear out a demon's nest in a nearby cave. Unfortunately, there's a slime blocking the way and martial arts are ineffective on it. The Ruler can go and kill the slime, then go back and tell the Monks so they can take care of the demons, or the Ruler can kill both the slime and the demons. If the Monks kill the demons, the Ruler will be able to recruit them, but if the Ruler kills it, the Monks will all end up leaving and the player can never get one in his or her party.

Oh, and you spend a lot of time running through caves. Like, nearly every dungeon is a cave. Sigh.

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